Carlos Lara gives back to the community by teaching enterprise machine learning.

Carlos has helped hundreds of people leverage AI/ML knowledge to grow, ranging from enterprise clients and business leaders to IT professionals and university students.

What Fans And Followers Say

“I had a great session from your recent conference on AI career development. I learned a great deal, and if a biography is ever written on me, I am definitely mentioning that your lessons were the defining moments in my life.”

Pritom, AI Engineer

“It was great learning about how AI is helping businesses to be more efficient and more profitable. And on top of that, your suggestions and encouraging advices really resonated with me. It was great attending your presentation.”

Rachel, Cognitive Science Specialist

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing talk you gave today. You gave a lot of great advice, of which I will be sure to spend the next couple of days mulling over. And of course, I will be sure to work on implementing your guidance in my pursuit of a career in AI.”

Preston, Machine Learning Intern

“I just wanted to say thank you for persevering in life and for taking the time to come in and share your story with us. Your story resonates with me, and even in my shortened attendance, your perspective and energy made a positive impact on me.”

Victor, AI and Neuroscience Specialist

“I enjoyed your presentation at Dallas AI. Thanks for helping me understand LSTM, great explanation.”

Ron, Microsoft MVP and Senior Software Engineer

“It was great speaking with you about your experience with AI and your clients, especially with converting PyTorch models into TensorFlow models, and listening to your talk about the process from developing AI to production.”

Michael, Machine Learning Engineer

“I had a great time talking with you. It was inspirational. I can’t wait for your next talk to learn more about enterprise projects on AI.”

Karthik, Machine Learning Engineer

“I attended your AI career seminar last Saturday. I found it very helpful and I am looking forward to the follow-up event next month.”

Siddharth, Software Developer

“I attended your AI seminar this weekend. I was amazed by your story and insightful advice.”

Aliah, Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation on recurrent neural networks. It was a really impressive. I learned a lot from you, thanks so much.”

Zhen, Data Scientist

“Your seminar about AI career development was inspiring and I got to learn a lot.”

Siddharth, Machine Learning Engineer

“I really appreciated your presentation yesterday! Super helpful and inspiring.”

Aditi, STEM Program Coordinator

“I really enjoyed your speech yesterday. It was very inspiring! Thank you for coming to my school to give students priceless advice for AI careers and jobs.”

Suju, Computer Science Student

“Thank you for the AI workshop. It was full of value!”

Yash, Computer Scientist

What Clients Say

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with Carlos on a major mobile application project. I was immediately impressed with Carlos’ passion and positive attitude. Carlos’ in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing it helped make the rest of the team stronger and more successful. We could count on him to take on a complex task and follow it through to successful completion. His contribution to the project was a major factor to its success. Carlos would be a great asset to any team or project.”

Amir Elmallakh, Senior Software Engineer at Cinemark

“I worked closely with Carlos on a mobile project for a common client. During this engagement Carlos demonstrated a strong understanding of Xamarin mobile development and a tireless drive to build great solutions for the customer. Carlos came to the project with strong opinions on the best way to employ the Xamarin platform and clearly communicated those ideas to the project team helping to establish a new technical direction for the product. Carlos shows up each day with a great deal of energy and focus and goes above and beyond to help the team complete each sprint and achieve their goals.”

Mark Reynolds, Senior Mobile Architect, Engineer, Author, and Mentor at RSeg

“I had the privilege of working with Carlos Lara on a major web/mobile project. His deep technical expertise, personal drive, and positive attitude were major assets to the company and project. Everyone on the team loved working with him, and his contribution with mobile development was a key factor in the success and completion of the project. I look forward to working together again in the future.”

Dave Johnston, Senior Software Engineer at National Automotive Experts

“Carlos is fantastic. I appreciated being his colleague. His energy, enthusiasm, and passion for excellence are contagious. In addition, his skills in artificial intelligence and mobile technology development are top-notch.”

Mike Jensen, Senior Consultant at Quisitive

Featured YouTube comments

“Incredibly clear and concise lecture! This tutorial is wonderful sir! Believe me it may take several weeks to self-learn, explore and set-up this stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! I can now sleep better.”​

Image Classification with PyTorch

“Awesome tutorial, one of the best I have seen! Thank you!”​

Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch

“This is by far the best tutorial I’ve ever seen on this topic.”​ 

Character-Level LSTM with PyTorch

“One of the few very good tutorials I’ve seen on CNN. Looking forward to the next ones. Cheers.”​

Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch

“You NAILED it!!! It was a similar code in Matlab from where I started my PhD, and now, after 7 years I am starting from the same in PyTorch. Thanks a lot.”

Image Classification with PyTorch

“Excellent explanation!”​

Image Classification with PyTorch

“Loved the explanation, thank you!”​

Introduction to Machine Learning

“Awesome Tutorial, thanks for sharing.”​

Sentiment Analysis with TF Keras

“Thank you very much, sir. Excellent explanation.”

Image Classification with PyTorch

“Love your videos, keep up the great content!”​

Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

“Wow this is just fantastic , You have excellent skill my brother pls post more videos. Thanks!”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“I very much appreciate just the right pace and level of attention to details in this presentation as for me.”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“Great tutorial! Loved the CustomerList with Elon Musk at the top.”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“Wonderful explanation, thanks!”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“You’ve no idea how many videos I’ve been through trying to try and understand MVVM in Xamarin… you made it very straight forward. Thank you.”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“Great Explanation. The best example I’ve found so far to understand and implement MVVM in Xamarin forms. Thanks!!”​

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

“Please keep making Xamarin.forms tutorial videos, you have a great way of explaining things.”​

Effects in Xamarin.Forms

Let’s build your AI future together.

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