Enterprise Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence In Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG)

Successfully completed an end-to-end AI/ML project for Walmart’s top retail merchandising partner. Client wishes to remain private for the moment, but references are available on a per-request basis.

Client characteristics:

1. $100 million – $1 billion in yearly revenue.
2. 6,000+ merchandising associates.
3. Thousands of product SKUs.
4. IT department with 20+ people.
5. Innovation and results-driven culture.
6. Many manual tasks in need for intelligent automation and streamlining.


* Client estimates over $1.2 million USD per year will be added to their bottom line over the next 5 years (annualized) as a result of increased operational efficiency from AI automation.

1. Client has the ability to identify out-of-stock products in real-time using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology.

2. Currently implementing a system for triggering automatic re-stocking services based on missing products identified by the AI system, leading to a significant increase in top line revenue.

3. Client has the ability to audit merchandising tasks in real-time using their AI-infused mobile application (no network connection required). This has led to increased performance of merchandising representatives and allowing the client to identify issues on the spot.

4. Client has the ability to use AI to assist merchandising representatives in completing their tasks faster. This has led to significant execution time savings, efficiency gains, and increased user satisfaction.

5. Client has identified various new ways of leveraging AI/ML technology to add further value, such as automating first level IT Help Desk support and enabling hands-off merchandising execution through conversational AI.

6. Client has detailed documentation, protocols, and best practices for successful implementation of AI/ML projects (technical and strategic).

7. Client has a team dedicated to implementing and expanding AI/ML use cases.


• Led the AI Innovation Center for this major consumer packaged goods (CPG) organization.

• Identified opportunities and use cases for AI/ML adoption.

• Developed a rigorous AI adoption/product roadmap.

• Used AI, computer vision, and deep learning engineering to enhance operational efficiency.

• Implemented a scalable end-to-end custom object detection pipeline using TensorFlow APIs and associated technologies (from gathering data to deploying models in production).

• Employed a lean methodology for validated learning and fast product iterations based on user and stakeholder feedback.

• Managed relationships and interactions with image/video annotation vendors.

• Established best practices for AI/ML use case implementations (systems, processes, detailed documentation, protocols, and more).

• Transferred skills and knowledge to further develop in-house AI talent.

• Coached C-level executives, middle management, and the IT department on
the value of AI for the organization.

• Native iOS and Android cross-platform mobile application development using Xamarin and Flutter.

Enterprise Testimonials

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with Carlos on a major mobile application project. I was immediately impressed with Carlos’ passion and positive attitude. Carlos’ in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing it helped make the rest of the team stronger and more successful. We could count on him to take on a complex task and follow it through to successful completion. His contribution to the project was a major factor to its success. Carlos would be a great asset to any team or project.”

Amir Elmallakh, Senior Software Engineer at Cinemark

“I worked closely with Carlos on a mobile project for a common client. During this engagement Carlos demonstrated a strong understanding of Xamarin mobile development and a tireless drive to build great solutions for the customer. Carlos came to the project with strong opinions on the best way to employ the Xamarin platform and clearly communicated those ideas to the project team helping to establish a new technical direction for the product. Carlos shows up each day with a great deal of energy and focus and goes above and beyond to help the team complete each sprint and achieve their goals.”

Mark Reynolds, Senior Mobile Architect, Engineer, Author, and Mentor at RSeg

“I had the privilege of working with Carlos Lara on a major web/mobile project. His deep technical expertise, personal drive, and positive attitude were major assets to the company and project. Everyone on the team loved working with him, and his contribution with mobile development was a key factor in the success and completion of the project. I look forward to working together again in the future.”

Dave Johnston, Senior Software Engineer at National Automotive Experts

“Carlos is fantastic. I appreciated being his colleague. His energy, enthusiasm, and passion for excellence are contagious. In addition, his skills in artificial intelligence and mobile technology development are top-notch.”

Mike Jensen, Senior Consultant at Quisitive

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