CI/CD Pipelines for Machine Learning Solutions in AWS

All machine learning projects within AWS begin in a development environment – usually SageMaker Studio notebooks, or Glue notebooks (when a cluster is needed during PySpark development). Both environments support CodeCommit for source control. Suppose we developed an end-to-end data science workflow in a Jupyter notebook using a dataset extracted from S3, Redshift, Aurora, orContinue reading “CI/CD Pipelines for Machine Learning Solutions in AWS”

Infrastructure-as-Code for Machine Learning Pipelines in AWS

We all start our AWS journey in the console. We do everything there. We manually create and configure Lambda functions, Step Functions, IAM roles, S3 buckets, EMR clusters, and any other service we need as we implement a machine learning solution. We use source control for occasional commits to the dev branch to keep trackContinue reading “Infrastructure-as-Code for Machine Learning Pipelines in AWS”

Drift Monitoring for Machine Learning Models in AWS

We have trained a machine learning model that meets or exceeds performance metrics as a function of business requirements. We have deployed this model to production after converting our Jupyter notebook into a scalable end-to-end training pipeline, including CI/CD and infrastructure-as-code. This deployment could be a SageMaker endpoint for live inference, or a Lambda functionContinue reading “Drift Monitoring for Machine Learning Models in AWS”

3 Reasons To Join The AI Field Now

  Many people have been talking about AI recently. They are excited, intrigued, and they feel it’s the future of planet Earth. In fact, many people have taken matters into their own hands and have begun learning the subject. However, many people are on the fence as to whether they should enter the AI fieldContinue reading “3 Reasons To Join The AI Field Now”

AI/ML Job Interview Tips

  When people think about AI / machine learning job interviews, they usually think about technical interviews. It’s what we give the most attention, the most preparation, and it’s usually what causes the most stress. Technical interviews definitely matter because they assess your competence. However, they are not the most important components of the jobContinue reading “AI/ML Job Interview Tips”