Why All Jobs Are At Risk In The Era Of AI

This is not a sci-fi premise. This is a serious problem that is growing rapidly, and it’s also one of the greatest career opportunities in history.

In this new era of artificial intelligence, all jobs are at risk not due to elimination or automation, but due to evolution of roles and responsibilities.

In my previous blog post titled, “The Biggest Weakness Of Corporate Leaders In The Era Of AI” we saw examples of dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs getting fired in 2019. This is happening due to inability to adapt and lead their organizations effectively.

This is just the beginning. Over the next few years, we will see events like these across industries and organizations, from the C-suite and all the way down.


Because AI is starting to transform business processes, operations, customer interactions, overall corporate strategy, and more. This requires company members to acquire new skill sets and adopt new ways of thinking such that they can help accelerate the AI transformation of their company.

As billionaire Mark Cuban shared in his interview, the only way to be an effective, powerful leader in this new era of AI is to start ‘getting your hands dirty’ learning everything you can about what AI is, how it works, why it works, how to identify opportunities in your company, and how to lead technical AI/ML teams effectively.

This is from a management/leadership perspective, but people across all functions and departments have their own opportunities (and their own risk if they choose to ignore AI).

For example, the role of a call center manager will not disappear as conversational AI adoption grows. Rather, the role and responsibilities themselves will evolve, requiring a new skill set. This could involve managing the conversational AI platform itself, monitoring the performance of the algorithms, identifying ways to improve them, and having a strong understanding of why and how the system works.

In this example, if call center managers do not possess these skill sets and thinking patterns (or refuse to evolve), they will be replaced by someone else who seizes the opportunity and decides to take their career to a new level.

As another example, management consultants will need to take into account how AI/ML can help their clients solve business problems and improve their performance. The ones who fail to adapt and lack the proper AI/ML knowledge as it applies to business operations will be left behind and replaced by this new breed of consultants (I coined the term “AI Management Consulting” to describe this new industry).

These are just a couple of examples that illustrate the risk (and opportunity) facing jobs in the era of AI. There are countless more examples, and it’s hard to think of a role/position that will not be affected by AI. If you can think of ANY role immune to AI evolution, comment below.

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