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When people think about AI / machine learning job interviews, they usually think about technical interviews. It’s what we give the most attention, the most preparation, and it’s usually what causes the most stress.

Technical interviews definitely matter because they assess your competence. However, they are not the most important components of the job interview process.

Contrary to popular belief, companies are not looking for experience and education when they are hiring for a position. They are looking for business results. Your skills, your experience, your education – these are potential means for achieving business results.

The point is that if you try to sell yourself based on your skills, experience, or education, you will be seen as a commodity, and you will be competing directly with every other applicant.

How do you stand out, focus on what really matters to the company, and make the competition irrelevant?

1) Prepare thoroughly before each interview.

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” – Sun Tzu

To maximize your chances of getting hired, you must prepare thoroughly before each interview. You must constantly improve and polish your technical skills, but also learn everything you can about the company.

Read the entire job description, research the company online and on social media, research the relevant company members, etc. You want to generate hypotheses about why they are hiring, why they might need you, and have a few key questions ready. With practice and consistency, this becomes second nature.

2) Find out why they need you.

Once you are interviewing, ask strategic questions to validate or invalidate your hypotheses. Your goal is to learn the truth about why you are there and what they need help with.

Remember this: You and the hiring manager are there for different reasons.

Hiring managers are looking for one thing: Certainty. They want to feel certain that if they hire you, you will deliver the most results to help achieve the company’s goals.

Therefore, it is key that you position yourself as the ideal candidate to help them achieve their goals.

3) Add value.

How do you position yourself as the ideal candidate to help them achieve their goals? How do you convey the feeling of certainty?

At this point, you have prepared thoroughly and asked key strategic questions. They know you care about their goals and understand why they need you. Ideally, you also provided strategic direction or suggestions on how to solve or approach their problems.

Now, you close the gap by leveraging your skills, projects you have worked on, resourcefulness, personal branding, passion for AI, and by showing them why you align with them perfectly.

This approach is incredibly effective. Is there still a chance you do not get an offer? Sure, but your chances have increased geometrically. Do you think other applicants are applying these techniques? Most likely, no, and that gives you a large competitive advantage. The people with the best and most fulfilling careers/jobs do this masterfully.

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