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We Help Organizations Accelerate Their Machine Learning Efforts By Providing Them With Top, Qualified, And Cost-Effective AI/ML Technical Talent

Is your organization past the POC/pilot stage in AI adoption and looking to accelerate your ML efforts?

Do you have trouble finding top, qualified machine learning engineers to join your team? Do you face intense competition from other organizations rushing to secure top technical talent, as well?

My name is Carlos Lara, and I am a senior machine learning engineer with access to a vast network of top AI/ML talent.

Reach out if you are looking for top machine learning engineers to help you scale your AI/ML efforts.


From Homeless To AI Transformation Leader

My name is Carlos Lara, and it all started when I left graduate school in applied nuclear physics to start my first company.

Living in my car for months to conserve capital, I put all my energy and focus into developing software engineering skills. I still remember sleeping in parking lots and having police officers wake me up in the middle of the night with their flashlight.

Those days were tough, but I was determined to do whatever it took to make my dream become a reality.

Within 12 months of exponential growth and learning, I was helping my first enterprise client – Cinemark – as a senior software engineer specialized in mobile application development.

My income went from zero to $10,000+/month within these 12 months, and I realized for the first time that anything is possible. This success gave me unstoppable confidence and drive to keep going to new levels.

A few months later I decided to take my career to the next level by becoming an expert in artificial intelligence. I saw this is the future of planet Earth, and I made the decision to help create this new world.

My first startup had failed, and I decided to start an AI consulting firm. I was so obsessed and in love with artificial intelligence that I took a dozen technical courses on AI/ML in a matter of weeks.

I had the blessing of being given the chance to create and lead the AI Innovation Center for a major consumer packaged goods (CPG) organization – my first enterprise AI client. Check out my enterprise case study for details on deliverables and results.

At this point, I was leading entire AI/ML projects (business strategy + technical implementation) with 7+ figure annualized ROI.

After a final pivot based on experience, we decided to focus on AI/ML technical talent acquisition and staffing.

Our mission is to help organizations accelerate their machine learning efforts by providing them with top, qualified, and cost-effective technical talent.

Our vision is to accelerate the AI transformation of planet Earth.

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His blog contains a mixture of AI/ML business strategies, team building guidance, technical tips, and more.

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